Wireless Printing

A Bayport Library Printer

Send documents to the Library printer and pick them up when you're ready!  Items can be sent from your own computer or mobile device at home, in the Library, or on the go.

To pick up your documents, go to the print release terminal near the service desk within 24 hours of sending.  You will enter your email address to retrieve your documents.  Ask staff if you need assistance.  Please pay at the desk when you are finished printing.

Black and white: 10 cents per page

Color:  50 cents per page

How to Print

Website Option - best for printing documents, webpages, and photos

Go to this website:  

Follow the instructions on uploading and sending your files to print.

Email Option - best for printing emails or email attachments

To print an email message or attachment, send or forward an email to the printer email address of your choice:

Bayport Black and White Printer:
Bayport Color Printer:

You will choose if you want to print the message or the attachment.

Please ask staff if you need any assistance printing!

Scanning is available at no charge.