Sprouting Melodies: Sing! Play! Move! Grow!

Are you looking for an interactive class that helps you learn how to use music to calm, stimulate, and bond with your child; to enhance your child’s development; and to interact with your child through music?  Join us for this virtual Sprouting Melodies Class!

We are offering Sprouting Melodies 3, for children between 18 months and 3 years, weekly at 9:00 am and Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2 in a combined class, for babies to 18 months, weekly at 10:00 am.

Both sessions start on April 1 and run through May 20.  You can preregister at the following links

Sprouting Melodies 3, for 18 months to 3

Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2, for babies to 18 months

More information about each class is provided at the link.  The private Zoom link for class will be emailed to you by library staff.  A kit with a scarf, shakers and a board book will be provided to participants.  Kits can be picked up at the Bayport Library the week before the program begins. If you have any questions, please call Jill at the Library at 651-275-4416.

This program is presented by Living Spirit Therapy Services, LLC and funded by the Foundation for Bayport Public Library.

Sprouting Melodies® is an award-winning early childhood music program. It is the only early childhood music program created by music therapists and offered through Board Certified Music Therapists who complete the Raising Harmony™ early childhood training.  To learn more about Sprouting Melodies Classes, visit:  https://www.livingspirittherapy/com/sprouting-melodies/